Did You Know That During 2016……..

Parsons Son & Basley’s Auction Department

Have enjoyed a record breaking 2016 and by the end of it

Will have sold almost £23 million worth of properties

From 5 auctions held of those two were completely sold out and the success selling rate was 92.6% of all properties.

Without having suffered a single abortive sale (yes that’s right, every sale we agreed completed!)

Have sold only to chain free cash buyers.

At full market value and above.

Have recouped clients legal fees in addition to the sale price of their property.

More often than not have exchanged contracts within hours of sales having been agreed. And intend to do it all over again in 2017.

Simon Caplin & Kelly Landers have almost 40 years’ experience between them selling property in Brighton, Hove, East and West Sussex which enables them to provide their clients with the best possible advice whereupon such advice is often in fact not to sell but to wait until the auction itself. “A case in point being during Novembers auction where 100% of the properties sold, one particular flat we were selling in Norfolk Square only had a very short lease remaining but was still receiving a lot of interest whereupon no less than 3 pre-auction offers were made. We advised our client to hold his nerve, decline all of the offers and allow the flat to be auctioned on the day. With our advice taken, the flat sold for some £23,000 more than the lower end of the guide and for more than any of the pre-auction offers that had been made. In certain circumstances we will recommend our client to consider pre-auction offers whilst in others we won’t and this is where our vast knowledge and experience of the property market allows us to advise our client in exactly the right way” says auctioneer Simon Caplin. The fact they have completely sold out two of their 5 auctions this year is perhaps testimony to the wealth of experience available from Brighton’s oldest firm of Auctioneers!

If you would you like to sell your property to a chain free cash buyer, at full market value and exchange contracts immediately without having to suffer your buyer changing their mind, your chain collapsing or your property being ‘down valued’ or having a ‘bad survey’ then please contact either Simon Caplin (01273 274010 simoncaplin@psandb.co.uk) or Kelly Landers (01273 274014 kellylanders@psandb.co.uk).