Goldilocks, Finding the Perfect Fit and Property Insurance

If we asked Goldilocks, ‘What are you looking for?’ We might hear some interesting answers, Goldilocks might say ‘I am looking for the perfect fit.’ Remember this is a girl who tasted three bowls of porridge to find which was the best, she tried three chairs to find the perfect fit and then she tried three beds to find the one that most suited her. And we think it is perfectly reasonable that our new and existing customers want a perfect fit when they are insuring their property assets and they don’t have to try lots of different insurance companies, we do all the work for them.

Having an in house specialist insurance team at Parsons Son & Basley has real benefits, Insurance Manager Helen McCauley says ‘It’s my job to find the perfect fit insurance policy for a client and when things go wrong I help the client to claim. Customers who own blocks of flats say it is a weight off their minds to have a specialist in house team available to call. We provide a bespoke service; buy the insurance policy and later when you need to claim on your insurance we help with the administration and claim. It benefits the client and us as a company to get a perfect fit because we are dealing with insurance claims on behalf of our clients.’

So can you buy peace of mind? From the Bears perspective, Goldilocks was breaking and entering. She broke chairs, beds and who knows what else. If Parsons Son & Basley had been managing the property, the locks would have been more secure and prevented her gaining access and if Helen and her team had insured the property, the Bears would have had someone on their side to process the claim and get everything back to it’s original state. So the moral of the story is…let our in house team guide you in the good times and in the bad times we’ll help you and get things back to normal.  01273 274062