Rating Conference News Highlights

Small business, occupying one property, with a new Rateable Value from 1st April 2017 of less than £12000 will be exempt from paying rates and there will be taper relief for Rateable Values between £12000 and £15000

This is about the only good news  in the draft rating regulations as the Check Challenge Appeal proposals unfairly favour the Valuation Office against the ratepayer. At a rating conference I attended yesterday Alan Colston, Director of National Specialist Unit, Valuation Office Agency, admitted it is the intention that the new process will reduce the number of appeals. Furthermore the Tribunal that decides appeals will only be able to order a reduction if the valuation falls outside the bounds of reasonable professional judgement. Again this is unfair for ratepayers and surely this principle will be the subject of a legal challenge. Blog by Neil Maloney, Partner at Parsons Son & Basley.