Ready, Steady, Go….. Rates Revaluation 2017

sussex-heights-21d-best-viewAre you Ready for the revaluation of your business rates? At Parsons Son & Basley, Partner Neil Maloney says ‘ We have been preparing for the business rates revaluation that comes into effect on 1st April 2017, and although its April fools day, it’s a day not to be caught out like a fool as it is only 7 months away.  Next month in October, 2016 the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) will send out draught new rating assessments for every commercial property. This will be the time to check your new assessment against your old one to establish your future rates liability. It is important these are checked with a high degree of accuracy as they will affect your business rates for years to come.’

Steady, don’t panic if you’re your new rateable value is higher than before, we can review this for you to check whether or not it is justified. If it is not, we can appeal on your behalf. Our Chartered Surveyors can deal with negotiations with the Valuation Office in order to agree the best rateable value for your property. At Parsons Son and Basley, our chartered surveying team are Business Rates specialists, you can depend on our outstanding service, report accuracy and reliability. With experience throughout the South East, we have been providing property solutions since 1825 for our clients.

Go to your local experts for help with Reval 2017. Look out for your new Rateable Value notification and contact us:

Chartered Surveyor, Tim Finlinson MRICS, 01273 326171