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Almost all flats in England and Wales are leasehold.

This means that you purchase your flat, but the land the building is on is leased from the landlord for a specific time.

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The 1993 Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act entitles leaseholders who have owned a flat for more than two years to extend their lease for a further 90 years.

This is obviously advantageous because as a lease gets shorter, the value of the flat decreases, with the associated financial and legal issues this can create.

Our dedicated landlord and tenant teams have advised on leasehold extension cases all over the UK. Every case has its own complexities, so we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your particular situation.

Get in touch and ensure a comprehensive and in-depth approach to your leasehold extension.

We are regulated by RICS (The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and are committed to the RICS rules of conduct for disputes. We have chosen CEDR (The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) as our dispute resolution centre for both residential and commercial clients.

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